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Most of the people consider Google just as a popular search engine to browse the internet but in reality, Google deals with various products and services based on Web, Cloud, Development Tools, Operating Systems, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Hardware, and lots of more. You can check the full list of Google products by Wikipedia. 

Now in 2019, Google launches a new product for Digital Marketers k/a SiteKit by Google. This tool is basically for site owners to see the key metrics and insights of the website or webpage from four different tools at one place. The four tools which sitekit will engage are:

Search Console 

One of the must tool used to check and fix the errors of the website. Search console is also known as Google webmaster and works as a troubleshoot for your website. This also helps you to index the new or updated pages of the website. 


Google analytics is also one of the most important tools to track and monitor the traffic and performance of the website. How users interact with your web pages, how they navigate across the web pages, how much traffic and from where you can track all the way from this awesome tool by Google.



This is an advertisement tool by Google to show images, text, video and display media ads in the Google network. Website with a lot of traffic can earn money through this Adsense tool by displaying google network advertisements within the content of web pages. 

Pagespeed Insights:

The tool will analyze and optimize your web-page speed. This will show you in how much time google crawlers are able to index your site and what optimization do you need to speed up your website. It is considered an important tool because slow speed can directly affect your SEO & PPC rankings. 

Google new product launch 2019 pushes the technique once again and being a superhero for all agency and agents working on his digital marketing concept and introduced a test beta version of Sitekit by Google for all developers and users. In a simple manner, this tool will give you the access of all four important tools above at one place. After using this awesome tool you will be able to track and monitor your website rendering, crawling, traffic, advertisements, errors and optimization as well. 

If you wish to understand the sitekit tool more deeply or looking for any solution regarding digital marketing please contact the field experts by V Launch Digital. To read the latest articles by us visit: https://vlaunchdigital.com/blog/

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