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SEO began to start in 1991 in order to discover new companies to buy widgets from their search. Archie Search was the first search engine who started giving free organic traffic result to the businesses. After then many modified search engines came like Altavista in 1994 & yahoo in 1995 which actually called Pay to Play Engines which means people pay to be on top just like we do in PPC today. So nothing was so broad and substantial until Google came into business in 1998 and changed the nature of SEO. Now approx 75 %  of the worldwide searches are powered by Google itself followed by Bing Search Engine (8 % searches).

Google work a lot on making their search results more useful and relevant in order to resolve the maximum queries of their users. They introduced Search Algorithms for SEO and continuously make updates to these algorithms to enhance the search results. After many updates, Now after 2018 has ended, SEO is all about relevancy and helpful content. So before hiring any company who provides digital marketing service please note these basic SEO trends and techniques you should adopt to rank in 2019.

On Page Optimization

On Page is always be the heart of SEO and if your website content and html codes are not well optimized with relevant keywords, you won’t be able to get relevant traffic from Search engines. Even after creating thousands of backlinks your website or webpage will not rank without On-Page SEO Optimization. So before you begin creating backlinks for any business or website make sure your content is well optimized according to latest guidelines.

Off Page SEO – High Quality Backlinks

Previously we have seen that creating a backlink was an easy task because there were no obligation on linking your domain or url to other websites without checking the relevancy, DA, Popularity or other important factors. But now Google understands the nature of the business and shows only quality relevant results to the users. If you are creating backlinks for any business make sure to check the LIS (Link Influence Score) of the website first and always see the relevancy, popularity, DA, and other ranking factors.

Also avoid Black Hat activities because it is now impossible to trick smart crawlers or bots of Google. If you wish to grow your online business always choose v Launch Digital which provides the most advanced digital marketing service in Noida from last 5 years. To know more about how to rank in Google in 2019 visit: http://vlaunchdigital.com/services/search-engine-optimization/

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